Dirty And Common

by The Blood Boys

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Hero Bishop
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Hero Bishop This shit sucks and the singer is a weak ass punk.
Somer Bohannon
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Somer Bohannon This is the kind of album that I can listen to over and over again (and have). Awesome instrumentals coupled with fantastic lyrics and vocals, this album gets me hyped and satisfies my need for local hardcore punk tunes. Definitely worth a listen. Favorite track: Angry Vest.
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released February 12, 2014

Vocals - Hero
Guitar/Vocals - Joseph
Bass/Vocals - KD
Drums - Joey

Stik Man Records: www.stikmanrecords.com
Recorded at: Shed Recordings (Nashville, TN)
Mastered by: Black Matter Mastering (Nashville, TN)
Album Artwork by: Adam Settle
Front Logo: Chris Steele



all rights reserved


The Blood Boys Nashville, Tennessee

Hero had a Hardcore Punk band that KD liked, KD had a Thrash Punk band the Hero liked. Joey played drums in Hero's Horror Punk band. Joseph patiently practiced Punk Rock riffs, until a blind date with Hero forged their true love. Then came the Rock n Rollin', Skate Punk sounds of "The Blood Boys" ... more

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Track Name: Blood Boys
I'm a blood boy born to lose. Raised on Black Flag and bad cartoons
All I wanna do is ride my skate. Fall flat down and break my face
Blood Boys we cry. Blood Boys never die
All or nothing in this life. We keep on playing as we race against time
Music is immortal it always stays. Nothing else matters it always fades
Theres no hope in these eyes. Thats why I dont even try
Now it's time for a change. Take action and make my way
Tommorrow I'll wake to a brand new day
Same old shit but somethings gonna change
Stand up strong and live my life. Do what I want and never fucking die
Track Name: Skateboard Summer
When I was 15 I used to stay fucked up
Riding my skateboard and getting drunk
Now I'm straightedge but I won't forget those days
Skateboard all summer and waste my teenage life away
Those skateboard summers were some of my best times
Those skateboard summers were some crazy daysGun Fight
Me and my best friends we couldn't skate that good
but we still shredded the best we could
Nothing mattered we just had fun
Thought was pointless live fast die dumb.
Now I cant get back all the time I lost
but those days shaped me and they helped me grow.
We got in trouble so young and dumb
but when your 15 thats the best kind of fun
Track Name: Dirty And Common
I'm a rat, just like all the others. Stuck in this race, dying for that dollar.
dirty and common, there's no stars. dirty and common, just like you.
I eat shit, my whole life. Can't be cleaned, white trash grime.
I wake up every day, put on these boots and live my life. I'll find a way.
I clock in every day, I'm a number till I die. I'll find a way.
We have hope but it's small. We come from nothing, working class. I'll find a way.
I'll find a way, I'm a human being. There's got to be more than this. I'll find a way
Track Name: Vultures
This is how they left him. Body bleeding in the sun.
Flys buzzing all around him. Vultures flying up above.
Quit wasting time and realize, grasping for your faith.
Never trust a casual acquaintance cus there not your fucking friend.
This is what they did, stabbed him in the gut.
Took his gold and horses, left him in the dust
This is how he gets revenge. Kills them one by one.
Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Vengeance has been done.
Track Name: Rock n Roll And Die
I was 13 at my first punk show. The crowd was so wild, band was raging on the stage.
I made a decision that very night that I would play music my whole fucking life.
Mic in my hand. feet on the stage. I'll be playing rock n roll until my dying day.
For the last ten years I've been playing cause this is all I know.
Broke as fuck and I'm getting old but there's nothing like the feel of a good show.
Now you might not understand the music we make
and you might not really care about the bullshit that we take
but we will always be around, never shut up as long as there's a stage and life is still fucked
Track Name: Kern County Trash
I thought that we were true but I guess it couldnt last
cus you just stepped on a peice of filthy kern county trash
I know it's not your fault and you probably wont be the last
but it's time for me to hit the road and get to my next show
Hey now baby, hey now honey you just took out the trash
Hey now baby, hey now honey nothing good can ever last
I know we had some fun but you turned out like the rest
Told me I was the one and then treat me like second best
but thats ok girl cus all my friends are here
and as soon as I hear that guitar I wont shed a tear
Out here on the road and sometimes you cross my mind
and I know I look like shit but I'm a king in my own mind
We play these shitty clubs and these dirty dive bars
but as long as my hearts in Rock N Roll I know that I'll survive
Track Name: Gun Fight
Your never gonna stop me. You bastards cant drag me down
got my pistol loaded this is a show down
I'm doing what I want and I know that you dont care
but it doesnt matter cus I'm still everywhere
Gun fight! Gun fight! No you cant stop me. Never gonna stop me
Gun fight! Gun fight! Never live in fear. Never slow down
I keep on running this road as a Rock N Roll troubadour
and the spot light never shines on these dirty bar room floors
When I'm dead and gone I know that you wont cry
but my songs still all around to show you I was there
I got my pistol. Is this a six gun or a six string
Is this real life or just a shattered dream
Am I wasting my time or am I living the dream. GUITAR!
Gun fight! Gun fight! No you cant stop me. Never gonna stop me
Gun fucking fight! Never live in fear. Never slow down
Track Name: Revelations
As you're slowly revealed to me. I see the secrets that you'd bleed to keep
I recognize that your skins grown thin. I crucify you with the prick of a pin
Your closets full of broken bones. Too many lies behind your blank stare
Your childish games will never stop, until your lying in a pine box
You're not who I thought you were, so get away from me right now
I see the truth and I'm sorry to say, you're just another wretch to me
I ask you questions that are hard to answer. I raise your dead just like a necromancer
All those thoughts that you wish we're buried. I help you raise them from the mortuary
Do you wonder why I keep you close. You're the person that I hate the most
Who needs friends when I got you. You'll be dead when this is through
I ask you questions that are hard to answer. I raise your dead just like a necromancer
Track Name: Angry Vest
I forgot my uniform. Do I fit in with the rest?
Do I have the right tattoos? Where is my angry vest?
You're uniforms just fashion. Nothing changes in the end.
It sure costs a lot of money to look that poor.
I thought this shit was unity but it's all just disrespect.
If the pit turns into a brawl, I don't think I wanna dance.
When did the music turn into a joke?
When did the crowd become a fucking mob?
I think it's time for me to check out. I can't find a place to fit in.
What have we become?
Track Name: The Parasite
I got a parasite that's in my brain. It drives me crazy, it makes me feel pain
I gotta fight it, can't let it win. If it takes over, I'm poisoned again
It can't poison me now because I came out swinging
It can't poison me now because I know I'm dreaming
follow the path, I wanna choose love. It's just knowledge, corrupting my brain.
Tells me I'm nothing, I'm a waste. I won't believe it, these lies aren't true
cut the head right off that snake. I won't believe these words of hate
choose my path, the path of love. I'm a warrior, I will not stop
The parasite, I won't give in, I won't give in. The Parasite, will never win, Will never win